Is Cheating a learned or taught habit?

I’ve had endless conversations with both men and women on cheating, and it definitely is a button pusher.  I decided to start polling the men first on what their views were on cheating?  It wasn’t even across the board, and was certainly interesting to hear the different points of view from the different age groups.  I polled from the age of 33 – 51.  I found that the younger generation is very vocal and more honest about their views on relationships and cheating.  The younger generation tends to think that cheating is not a taught lesson, but something they just chose to do.  As the age group increased, I found that men were more apt to believe that for the most part, they learned cheating from an early age.  They admitted that most of their family members cheated, so they felt it was ok to do the same.  Others were more honest in also admitting that as they matured, they decided to be more monogamous.  

Some men even went so far as to say, “If she lets me, whey would I not?” 

Like anything else we see in our childhood, as adults we have the power to break these habits, or generational curses as I call them.  In the end, we are all responsible and accountable for our own actions.  In the words of the late MJ, “The Man in the Mirror.”  

Are we creatures of habit, products of our environment, or are they excuses?

-Terry D.

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