Is it Just Sex?

The probing question has always been, “Is it just Sex?”  Do men and women have the same feelings the morning after, or even right after.  Studies have repeatedly proven that sex can be just “sex” to men.  Women have argued the fact that they can have sex without emotions  as well.  I polled 50 men and women.  Forty (40) out of 50 men, admitted that they can have sex with no emotional ties, but they did preface that by also saying, “It’s not usually with someone they care about.”  One thing I’ve found is that if a man cares about you, the sex does take on a different meaning.  Forty-seven (47) out of 50 women said they feel a sense of insecurity if they don’t hear from a man after having sex with them.  The other 5% of men said they can’t have sex without emotions, and the other 3% of the women said they have no problem having casual sex. 

Although the conversations are had up front, men usually know that women aren’t able to have sex without having some sort of emotional attachment, but they will “play” along until it gets to be too much for them.  Women more than not, will agree to a “just sex” relationship, because there’s always that thought in the back of their mind that it will eventually develop into something more. 

Even if as a woman, you’re able to have a “no strings” attached relationship, eventually you have a moment of recollection, and begin to question the reasoning behind your actions.  

If you make a conscious decision to have sex with someone, and they’ve already made their intentions clear in the beginning, do you have a right to expect to be treated any different from a “Friend with Benefits?”

-Terry D.

One thought on “Is it Just Sex?”

  1. No, You don’t have the right to ask for anything else. If you enter into this arrangement it is up to you not to get attached; male or female. It doesn’t happen like the movies where they fall in Love, usually someone is standing with their heart in hand wanting an option they removed and the other person isn’t interested in. If you can’t handle it then you should not subject yourself to it. If you feel like you are getting attached, break it off.

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