Is Being Single so bad?

How can you expect to separate yourself from Society’s self appointed curse of the “Single Label,” if you continue to saturate yourself with accepting standardized expectations?  Why is being single viewed as such a negative brand today?  If you’re satisfied in your current relationship status, don’t permit society to dictate your timeline of love.  It has almost been a forbidden status in the church, on your job and in everyday life.   Much to the contrary belief, some people are single by choice.  As a single woman, most of us aspire to eventually be married, but I prefer to wait on my “Mr. Right”.

If you’re single in church, you’re the outcast and viewed as the Jezebel who either is after someone else’s husband, or you’re sleeping around.  If you wanted a husband, surely you could have one, but at what cost?  Just to say, “I’z married!”   On most jobs, your peers appear shocked when they find out you’re not married. 

I am a firm believer that at times individuals feel like an outcast and feel the pressure to marry, because the populace have made us assume we aren’t accepted into their circles unless we live up to ”their” standards. 

Be secure in you, and never settle because of judgmental spectators.

-Terry D.

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