Leasing With an Option to Buy…

My best friend once told me that it doesn’t take men long to decide whether or not they’re feeling you, let alone marry you.  He may not be interested in engaging in a monogamous long-term relationship with you, but won’t turn down the opportunity to lay and play with you in the interim.  He will definitely string you along, and play you like a piano until something better comes along. You can’t make anyone love you, or step up to the plate, but you certainly can love yourself and step off! 

He’s only leasing with an option to buy:

When you purchase a car, you first go shopping for it, and at first sight, your rationale is not so rational, because everything is so shiny and new.  You test drive a few to get a feel for it, and decide whether or not you’re interested.   You may even go to a few dealers, shop for a better deal, weighing all your options, and researching all the fine amenities that come with it or may be optional, because it is a long-term commitment.   

When you opt to lease, you have a little bit more flexibility.  You still make payments, but you don’t own it!  You have the option to trade it in after a couple of years, if you don’t like it, and trade up! 

Test drives are always fun, because you get to sample before you decide to buy!

We were all offended by R. Kelly referring to women as cars, but I guess we now know why.                               

Never make anyone a priority, who makes you an option – Les Brown

-Terry D.

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