I am Woman, Hear me Roar!!!

I am independent, and I can do things for me is our “National Anthem.”  We make men think we don’t need them and then we get upset when he doesn’t want to come to our aid.  It’s great that you can handle your business, because this has not always been the case; but we need to learn how to let him be a man, and not lose ourselves in the interim.  You can have your six (6) figures, drive your fancy cars and “roll with the big dogs,” but everyone wants to feel needed.  The moment things get a little rough, we are accusing him of not being a provider, or being there for you.

Nowadays men can appreciate a woman who doesn’t always have her hand out, but also REAL MEN like to feel like they are the protector and provider for their family.    You don’t have to dumb down, but you also don’t have to take on the weight of the world.  It can be a hard habit to break, because we’ve become accustomed to having to do things for ourselves for so long, that it’s hard to recognize, and even more harder to believe that he wants to relieve some of your pressure. 

If we don’t find a way to pull it in, we will be roaring alone. 

Good men who are not intimidated by a successful woman are actually turned on by women who are doing it.

It will actually make him want to be there for you that much more, because you don’t appear needy.

Learn to be a quiet storm, and still enjoy the fruits of your labor!  As much as we like being strong, it’s refreshing and just feels good to be rescued, and to know that if we weren’t so strong, or needed a hand, there is some there who has your back.     -Terry D.

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