Premature Submission

There’s a difference in prematurely submitting to your potential husband and exhibiting wife-like material characteristics.  If you’re at the point where you’re ready to be married and have decided you need to do more to display the characteristics and your readiness to be a wife; are you submitting to your potential husband, or just displaying that you’re wife material?  It’s almost like getting the cow without purchasing the milk.  You don’t have to compromise yourself in order to demonstrate your wife-like qualities.  Desperation sometimes causes us to alter and act outside of our normal character and make unsound decisions.  Do we look for husband-like traits in him, or get lost in trying to prove ourselves, get off course and become unequally yoked? 

If you’re engaged in a relationship with someone who is contemplating marrying you, but suggests that they’re not sure if you’re wife material, just maybe he’s not husband material.  As women, we get so caught up in trying to prove ourselves that we’re often proving ourselves to men who don’t always deserve it.  In the end, we would have jumped through hoops, only to find that he really didn’t want to marry us in the first place.  Although we all make mistakes, we usually have an intuition when something isn’t right, but often ignore the signs, and end up living a life of regret and resentment.  Don’t rush your season before its time.  When we are true to ourselves, our intuition won’t lead us down the wrong path.  You already know your worth, and it shouldn’t be up for negotiation.  

Truth be told, submission is for your husband, and not for your husband to be. 

-Terry D.

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