Ping Pong Love Jones – Part 2

Okay, we’ve called him every name in the book, cursed his life and everything attached to it and now comes the hard part, LETTING GO, getting the healing and help you need and getting on with your life!  Yes, he hurt you and you want revenge, but that’s only a temporary fix and won’t undo anything.  You may have made a mistake by going back and prolonging your heartache, and what’s done is done, but this is not the end and you are not alone.  Most have been through this dreadful cycle, but what’s most important is that you learn from it, and keep it moving.  Why beat up on yourself?  That will only lead to a pity party and insecurities.  Take control of your life, accept the lesson and know that you deserve better.  I know that moving on is easier said that done, but the fact that you recognize it, is the first step to letting go. 

The truth of the matter is, sometimes your heart just doesn’t align with the right things to do when it comes to matters of the heart. We never really make sense of it all, but as long a lesson is learned, there is no need to harp on it, but you must be able to identify the source of your relationship behaviors, as to not repeat them. 

Stop allowing others to tell you that at least you have a man and that they’re hard to come by.  Giving you all the “at least” reasons of why you should stay.  If you think he’s your last chance at love, you will always defend and make excuses for your relationship.

There will be people you won’t want to live without, but have t let gol

-Terry D.

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