What would happen if we could be utterly, blatantly and unequivocally honest about what we REALLY wanted in a relationship?  If as a woman, you wanted a man to take care of you, and you preferred to be a stay-at-home mom?  We find ourselves on a relationship ferris wheel – always going around once or twice, but once we land on the ground again, we get off.  We get off, because we are not truly honest about what we want, because we suppress our true and honest desires and we become bored and disenfranchised in the relationship.  When we have thought of what an ideal relationship looks like to us, we don’t always share those ideas to a potential mate, because we think it would make us look unattractive, or not “Relationship Material.”  In relationships, we always say we want honesty, but somehow, we learn to live with the “little lies,” just to keep the peace.  If a man told us he only wants sex, or doesn’t want a really serious relationship, would you be able to live with that?  If a woman told you she was only attracted to you because of what she thought you had to offer, would you be okay with that?  Men often say, they don’t want to be used as an ATM, but they come with all the bells and whistles that will make them look more attractive. Hmmm… Women say they don’t want to be viewed as a piece of meat, but use their bodies as pawns, by dressing provocatively to get more attention. 

The BIG one:  Do you really want to know how many people your mate has slept with, or more importantly, how many people you’ve slept with? Sometimes, it’s not always about being honest, if it means that we will hurt someone.  I’m not saying, it’s okay to out right lie to someone, but sometimes we overshare when it comes to things that have no direct bearing on our relationships.

We don’t always say what we always think or say, because we think it will be a deal breaker.  We say what we think is politically correct, or what we think will get us into a relationship, or sometimes what will work for that moment! 

THE DAUNTING QUESTION:  If two people could get together, and be honest about what they really want, would they be more compatible, and be able to remove the masked mountain of lies? 


Or can you?

Terry D.

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