The Devil Thought He Had Me!

You meant evil against me, but God meant it for Good. Genesis 50:20

20130904-055105.jpgWhewwwww… Where do I start? YES – The devil thought he had me, but “you’s” a lie!  Just recently, I had a complete melt down! Woe is me, why me, I can’t do this… My conscience grabbed me by the collar, pinned me against the wall, and told me to check myself and suck it up. Well, what happens when it’s not so easy to suck it up and life seems to be drowning you out? Sort of like the movies, when you have the devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other, and they’re tugging at you – whispering in your ear.  It’s comically illustrated on film, but in life, you wrestle with the same decisions, that aren’t so funny.  I mean really, sometimes, a little screaming and crying is just what the doctor ordered to put things in perspective.  Everyone handles things differently, and as long as you don’t wallow in it too long – we all recover.

I wasn’t sure if this was God trying to tell me something, or if I was just being a big BABY!  Just because others seek advice from me, doesn’t mean I’m above seeking my advice. I called on a really good objective, but very honest friend, that I knew would be compassionate, but would tell me to GET IT TOGETHER! We talked for hours, and decided to become accountability partners. He knew my history and everything about me, so I knew he would hold me accountable for my foolishness! Sometimes its simple, and at others times – not so much. It’s okay, because we’re all human. It’s when you face your demons, take off the blinders, and be very honest with YOURSELF;  because it doesn’t matter what you do or say, until you can face the truth, and knowing that NO MATTER WHAT, you are more than a conqueror.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but my life experiences have been good teachers, and while going through some really tough lessons, that I didn’t necessarily understand at the time, they were etched out for me to be able to share and help others in their journey.

God has given me a gift, and I don’t negate the fact that with EVERY SINGLE LESSON, good or bad, there was purpose. There is ALWAYS purpose in your journey, and they are usually not just for you…

All that being said, he didn’t win, because I’m still standing, and STRONGER!

Terry D.20130904-055000.jpg

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