Is Mary Jane Being Gabrielle Union?

20140109-231754.jpgI’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy the new Mini Series, Being Mary Jane.  It reveals some real life situations that we would like to sweep under the rug, keep between the sheets or far back in our medicine cabinet.  Gabrielle has embraced this conflicted power woman, with a high libido and racy role like no other; but everyone can’t help but wonder if it’s because it closely resembles past and recent events in  her own personal life, concerning her relationship with Miami Heat Guard, Dwyane Wade.  So that bears the question, “Is Mary Jane actually Being Gabrielle Union?”

Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan Gabrielle UnionThe Talk Shows probed about her recent engagement, but skated around her recent relationship woes, as she toured for the Premiere of the Mini Series this past Tuesday, January 7.  Does she really owe anyone an explanation about why she made the decision to stay with Wade, after hearing that he fathered a child, during their brief break in their relationship?  Why do we always think that celebrities owe us a blow-by-blow explanation about their lives?  At the end of the day, we love drama, but would we really want to talk about something so painful, at every corner?  I would like to believe that some have grown to love Gabrielle over the past year, in seeing a different side of her, after her confession to being a former ‘Mean Girl,’ as well as being able to better relate to  her, in the role she has  recently stepped into as Being Mary Jane.

As women,

  1. Are we genuinely concerned for her, because we believe she deserves better?
  2. Are we just fed up with athletes getting away with womanizing and disrespectful behavior toward women,  OR
  3. Are we just nosy busy bodies that feed off of drama?

We don’t like to talk about it, but the reality is that women (not all) do sleep around, and even with married men.  To her defense, she initially didn’t know he was married, but even after finding out, he continued to play on her vulnerability , until she gave into her insecurities and libido.  Yes, it’s true, women are doing some of the things that are being played out in this show.  The quick wash ups in the bathroom, the agonizing over whether or not to answer a call, text or IM, the masturbation before a date!  Is it unfortunate?  I guess it depends on who you’re asking…

As we continue to watch, MJ always seems her happiest when she has a man by her side, which screams, “I feel incomplete without a man!” The truth of the matter is, it’s a little easier for MJ to sleep with a couple different men, because she’s using sex as a coping mechanism, a band-aid on a gunshot wound.  In the following clip, Gabrielle explains how in her real life, she blames herself for the infidelity that happened, while she and fiancée, Dwyane Wade were on a break from one another, because her work schedule got in the way of her being able to fully commit to him, sexually or otherwise;  although you could almost always see her court side, screaming at a ref, or cheering  on the Miami Heat Guard, Wade.


In the following scene, it  eerily resembles recent real life events of Gabrielle Union.


clipA Clip From Next Week’s Episode

Please leave your comments, questions or thoughts, and let’s start the conversation!

Terry D.


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