My Dearest Husband…

My Dearest Husband,

heartI have spent years preparing myself for you.  The road has definitely had some detours, road blocks and pot holes; but it has all prepared me just for you!  My heart, spirit and mind are ready to embrace you, love you, kiss you, laugh with you, make love with you, cuddle and bond!  Yep, I’ve burned a few meals, but I’ve perfected it, you will never be hungry!  I have OCD, so you’ll always, or almost always come home to a clean home. I’m a die-hard sports fan, probably a little crazy, but it’ll be a blast!  My kicking at the club days, have been over, so we can dance together, in the privacy of our own home.  Our bodies are not our own, so no sleeping on the couch.  I’m definitely not in my 20’s, so I have no wild oats to sow.  I know you have anxiously been waiting on me, but I didn’t want to come to you half stepping.  I believe in bringing 100%, not 50%, and I expect the same from you, but because you were wonderfully picked and chosen just for me, I know I don’t have to worry about that!

I want you to know that I’m in this for the long haul, so I can’t wait to grow old, and spend the rest of my life with you!  We both know this won’t be always be a bed of roses, but because our faith will carry us through, we’re good.

Until we meet – VERY SOON…

You Receive what you Believe

Terry D.

The BOSS Network Blogger’s Brunch

It has always been a blessing to be in good company, and build strong relationships with like-minded professionals! As I continue to evolve, the relationship I’ve learned to have with myself, has afforded me the wherewithal, and create opportunities to open doors that continue to cultivate positive, meaningful and strong relationships with others. The Blogger’s Community is huge, not always understood, but when you’re around other Bloggers, they get it. The hustle, the passion and endless possibilities. So when I was invited to share in the BOSS Blogger’s Brunch hosted by, Cameka Smith, CEO of The BOSS Network, which stands for, Bringing Out Successful Sisters, I was beyond elated, to share in an opportunity to continue building relationships with other bloggers, because regardless of our subject focus, the relationships between us are parallel in passion and profession! Cameka hosted this BOSS Blogger’s Brunch in honor of her new partnership with Caress. We were graciously given gift bags, with tons of Spring Body Scents from Caress! #CaressMe

Caress just partnered and signed the Grammy Award a Winning a Singer, Kelly Rowland as their Spokesperson! Kelly Rowland




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