Love Does NOT Fail…

Love doesn’t always make sense, but we still exhaust all of our efforts to have a taste of it, even if we’ve been hurt! The problem is, we lose faith in love, instead of reevaluating our choices. Love has never changed, but it’s the people we entrust our hearts to, that abuse it’s beauty. Subconsciously, our choices become repetitive, because it’s what we know, and become accustomed to. The vicious cycle of self doubt and worthless thoughts creep in, and we accept what someone offers, even if we grapple with the choice, because it feels like it’s the best we can do.

Love doesn’t have the capability to fail you, but our ability to identify the choices we make, and change our habits, will help to turn the page, and write the next chapter of love!

1. Make a list of what you’ve always done vs. What you want NOW
2. Don’t be afraid of change
3. Date someone that’s outside of your comfort zone
4. DATE, and enjoy the process (It helps with choices)
5. Don’t compare (Remember, your choices weren’t that great before)

Terry D.

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