I do – Maybe NOT?

IamTerryD BLOG with Relationship Coach, Terry D.

People either use the excuse of not wanting to get married, because it ‘s just a piece of paper, they don’t believe in it, or they’ve seen too many marriages fail .

First and foremost, it’s not just a piece of paper, it’s our commitment before God, that we will honor one another. Why the hell is it such an ordeal to NOT do it, if its just a piece of paper? I often wonder if we wouldn’t feel so stressed, if we made the decision for the right reasons.  There are people  who almost go into cardiac arrest about the mere thought of marriage, because they feel brow beaten or guilted into it, and those who feel as if they have no choice… Even if the person agrees to marry you, are you okay with resentfully being loved?

20130828-173650.jpgSecondly, if someone you’re with, doesn’t believe in marriage, either they’re a product of…

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