In the Blink of An Eye

It was in the blink of an eye, that I began to understand what it truly meant to respect me and my worth!  I spoke my worth into existence, but I also had to begin the process of putting my faith into action, and stop thinking I had to stay in emotionally and mentally draining relationships!  When someone who claims to love you, sits in silence and allows you to suffer and shrink, you begin to internally deplete.  Silence really is golden!  If a person knows you’re willing to accept the least of respect, they will continue to push the envelope.  It’s up to you to not accept it.  It’s up to you to say, “Enough!”  

We stay because we feel an obligation to time, we feel an obligation to history, but our allegiance is to love self FIRST!       Terry D. 

It’s going to hurt like hell, but staying hurts far worse!  It’s like continuously pulling a scab off an old wound.  LOVE DOES NOT HURT -‘PEOPLE DO!  BROKEN PEOPLE PROJECT THEIR PAIN INTO YOU! Yes, into you, because it becomes a part of your spirit, and you feel the weight of their burden everyday. 

It was time to stand up for me.  Time to LOVE ME!  It was time to stop thinking I didn’t deserve someone to value me!  Someone that wouldn’t take advantage of my kindness, but appreciate it.  It is not our job to change anyone, but to be an inspiration by our actions, and expect reciprocation. 

As women, we’re taught to put others before us.   We want to fix everyone, and that’s a tall and unattainable order,  and it leaves us depleted and vulnerable!  I can’t live or love from an empty place.   

How do you arrive at a place of peace and being okay with you?  It’s your faith!  It’s the release of guilt and removing the fear of being alone, and the fear of being judged. The bulk of our decisions in relationships are tied to guilt and what others will think of us.  Don’t suffer in silence, but more importantly, allow your heart to truly heal and forgive!  Practice daily repetition of self affirmation, and remove distractions (People, places and things) that remind you of your past!  Don’t replace pain with a person!  Allow yourself to grieve, or you will end of being the offender of someone else’s affliction.

Terry D. 

How to Get Past Heartbreak

It’s not always easy to forgive, but it is necessary. Forgiveness is a process, and we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to be okay without an explanation and the why.

Terry D.

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