Sometimes Our Smile Is There to Fool the Public

If There’s a Smile On My Face, It’s Only There Trying To Fool The Public

img_0584Sometimes we want to completely erase any sign of tears, fears or heartache.  This is not to suggest that we wallow in the pain of the past, but let your pain be your purpose! For the majority of us, the scars are not visible, because most of them are internal!  Even when we think we’re hiding our lackluster approach to life, love and the pursuit of happiness, it’s more evident than we think. I have a few self inflicted physical scars that are still slightly visible, because I have not always known my worth. When I see them, I don’t get sad or depressed, it reminds me of my WHY!

Even when I thought it was over, it was the premise to my purpose!  God was pruning and preparing me…


  • A Storyteller
  • An Author
  • A Woman of God
  • An International Speaker
  • Imperfect
  • BOLD
  • NOT my past
  • Born to Be DOPE…

Excuses and self pity allow you to justify not following your dreams, not trusting love again or just not doing a damn thing to get over whatever “IT” is, but accountability affords you the opportunity to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

When you have faith, take risks, trust the process, forgive yourself and say yes to the promise and possibilities, you will never have to fake the funk. You will not have to hide behind a mask of lies and deception, and your smile will be authentic! Your joy will be innate, exterior and infectious.

Terry D.


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