STOP Accepting & Normalizing Dysfunctional Behaviors

We marginalize dysfunctional behavior, by ignoring the signs! There is almost always a root cause for our behavior and mindset! It’s not easy to admit, because we have accepted and normalized dysfunction.

Here are a few steps to healing

1. Acknowledgment – It didn’t happen overnight, and the healing will not either. (Don’t ignore or deny the pain)

2. Accountability – Even if it was the other person’s fault, there is self evaluation that keeps us from toxic relationship repetition. (Be accountable for your part)

3. ACTION – Learn to love and trust you! (The next relationship has to be with yourself)

Everything that we’ve been taught, does not have to be carved in stone. We have to divide the good from the bad, make the necessary adjustments and begin the healing. Life is a lesson, but we tend to relive the same test when we repeat the same mistakes. The good news is; you have the power to plant new seeds!

Terry D.

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