Meet Terry D.

FullSizeRender (3)I am Terry D., and I am a Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, Blogger and Entrepreneur.  I am also a Contributing Guest Co-Host on a Talk Radio Show as a Relationship Expert.

I am a single mother of 2, and they teach me how to be a better person and parent!

As you look at my pictures, you seeFullSizeRender (4) my children and me in happier times.  My valley and mountain experiences challenged and tested my faith, but also built my character, and equipped me to discover my purpose.

My TRUTH – In the blink of an eye, I found myself homeless.  I had to make some real changes in order to prove to my children, that although life may toss you around a little,  it doesn’t have to knock you out of the game.  Writing became a coping mechanism, which propelled me into blogging, but I knew my purpose was so much bigger.  After some bad relationship choices, I began coaching friends, and it snowballed into coaching others, because everyone wanted to know how I survived life after…EVERYTHING.  I began hosting conversation parties and the next thing you know, I was being asked to share my story at churches and conferences.

Relationship Workshop for Single Ladies
Relationship Workshop for Single Ladies

I have always been passionate about speaking, and it has been an organic transition.  My experiences,  good and bad, have helped me to help others discover their purpose!  I have been speaking and training for 15+ years, and I have shared my truth to both large and small audiences across the states.

Relationship Workshop for Single Ladies

My tenacity, passion and authenticity for speaking, affords me an opportunity to travel and share my testimony and my truth to churches, schools, corporations and at conferences.


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