Chapter Reviews (Testimonials)

Terry D. has been a great inspiration, not only to me, but to my friends as well.  She never hesitates to give good, solid and strong advice about any relationship related question or issue.  I love reading her blogs about real life relationship issues.  They are and have been very informative.  I’ve taken heed to a lot of her advice in dealing with relationships of my own.  It’s like having a big sister that you can go to and she’ll give you that good, factual advice to any question you have.  Thank you Terry Connor for being my inspiration, my go to person for good relationship advice and my BIG SISTER ALMIGHTY (In my School Daze Voice) – Cynthia Mac

I so love what you stand for, Healthy Relationships.  Keep doing you and keep ’em coming, because I’m surely listening and learning! – Latersa Blakely

All I can say from the bottom of my heart is, “Thank you.” I’m going through some major issues and everything that you post puts things into so much perspective…. There are things that I NEVER would of even given a second thought to, had you not pointed it out…sounds like you’ve been through some things yourself, but its obvious that you turned things around and are now helping so many other people! God Bless you my love! Keep posting! – Roselin K.

I love you statuses when I read them,  it helps heal my heart! – Kimberlin R. 

I love your post.  You encourage me a lot.  As a woman dealing with depression, It’s hard at times.  I just want to say, “Thank you.” You never know whose life you touch.  I owe you for the new outlook on life, and yes I’ll keep fighting depression.  Through God, everything is possible! – Tonya M.

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Developing & Building Sustainable Relationships through Effective Communication, Authenticity and Restoration

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