Foundation Building Coaching

As a result of investing in Foundation Building Coaching, you will walk away:

UNSTUCK!  You’ve learned to build a foundation, and not just racing to the end, but the journey is now purposeful.  Your mindset will change.  You are now ready to explore love without apprehension and reservations.  You have cleared your baggage,and your ex, old friend etc. no longer has a stronghold!  You’ve learned how to forgive, and love now feels exciting again, and not a chore, but more importantly, you no longer think everyone is out to hurt you.  The reason all of this is now easier, is because you have identified the root cause as to why you have been stuck! Ta – Da – UNSTUCK!  I will still be available through email and by phone to continue to help guide you through this process, because love is not one and done – it’s a process of adding brick-by-brick to create a solid foundation!  LET’S GO!!!!!

Intro & Acknowledgment

This is a less intensive, but highly self identifying and effective hourly (broken into 3 hour increment sessions) coaching session designed to help you get unstuck.  We will walk through identifying the root problems, setting your goals and moving beyond…  It is for the Woman or Man who may be looking for clarity to move pass the past, stop holding onto someone or something that has bound their hearts, helping you to value you, and stretching beyond the NOW! We are Creating a path to building a foundation to healthy love and living!  These sessions are usually done in person, following a completed questionnaire and an initial 30-minute COMPLIMENTARY conference call. $85


The Body of Work

This intense 12 week coaching will help you to transcend, and begin the next chapter to not only Healing, but solidifying that foundation to healthier love and life choices. We have Acknowledged our fears, and now the ground work begins:

  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance

Challenging your mindset to accept your value and releasing the strongholds! Goals will be set And accomplished by following some provided steps to keep you on task. We will start with a Vision Board and end with a COMPLETED VISION BOARD! Putting the work in, and getting the results!

Working your way toward releasing your heart from fear and getting unstuck! $395 (installments available)


The Release Date…

Forgetting those things which are behind, and pressing toward the mark…

This is the 6 Week Session Coaching!  The Release Date… Hands on, because we have to TAKE ACTION!  An interactive, intensive action packed and role-playing coaching Session.  You will walk away with A PLAN to accelerate and impact your future with positive relationships!  It won’t end here, because we have to make sure you’re staying on task.  Transforming and transcending beyond negativity.  Our goal is to impact and sustain your future with a foundation of healthy love and relationships. Moving forward, and setting standards and expectations!  Achieving what once was thought to be impossible, but now is the inevitable, through FAITH & FORGIVENESS of self and anything of the past that has held our healing and hearts hostage!

The goal is to Heal and relapsing is not an option, because you have your tool kit!

  • 6 Self pacing videos
  • 4 Conference/Skype Calls
  • My “Getting Unstuck” eBook

We’re still on the Journey…   $145 


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